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Welcome to Mugdha Infotech

Mobile : (+91) 9595771458 / 9604981200

Activities of Mugdha Infotech: Mugdha Infotech is an organization set up for the purpose of giving assistance to its eligible members by way of doing the part time job of ticking appropriate choice of answers in the query given by the Market Research companies (Survey Companies) through internet.

The online questionnaire consists of multiple-choice answers under a question. The participant has to tick an appropriate choice, which will fetch him/her a rewarding remuneration directly from the Market Research companies. is to give access and the details of website of survey companies only. For this service a member has to pay a non-refundable registration charges to the firm and abide by the terms and conditions. hopes that survey companies in its database are honest in making payments. is not a Get Rich Quick Scheme nor is it a Multi Level Marketing (MLM), Matrix, Pyramid program.